KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The games won't be free if you don't have Xbox Live Gold. It's been a long time since Microsoft push any updates to the Xbox One users.

Next month's offerings for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 cover a wide range of genres, so it is highly likely that at least one of the titles will draw interest from each Xbox Live member.

On Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility, players will be able to dive into Nights into Dreams which is available from November 1 through to November 15.

Microsoft have revealed November's lineup of free games for Gold subscribers and a mixed bag of genres it is too, with some action, adventure and racing titles to be enjoyed.

Finally, Microsoft's top executive highlighted the technical environment they will offer to developers through their cloud infrastructure: "We also see the opportunity to empower developers who work on the console, PC, and mobile games to use our cloud infrastructure and services to enhance their gameplay and community". There will be a number of other games which you can also play right with this membership.

AJK marks black day
He claimed there was a need for an independent, transparent and fair investigation into these human rights violations under the United Nations.

Available November 1 to 30 on Xbox One, subscribers can get behind the wheel of Trackmania Turbo, which promises the ultimate arcade racing universe where everything is about reaching the flawless racing time.

The half-and-half like/dislike ratio was followed by a collection of comments with gamers most readily not being happy about older scraggly games being tossed out like maggot-infected scraps to starving dogs in a dirty pen under a bridge. For any further need, you can take notes.

Since the Xbox One X unveiling, Electronic Arts has been hesitant to confirm any form of visual upgrades specifically implemented with the console in mind.

We're now just a week and a half away from the launch of the Xbox One X, a machine that Microsoft says is the world's most powerful gaming console.