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The Denver corner and Oakland receiver got into a full-fledged brawl in the first quarter Sunday. He kept blocking Talib even on the sidelines, which led to other players getting physical on the sideline. Talib and Crabtree have a history with each other stemming from when Talib ripped Crabtree's chain off. Either way, both players can expect a hefty fine and possible suspensions for their actions. A host of Broncos came to Talib's defense, despite the fact that Talib had managed to work his way on top of Crabtree. But it's not a surprise Talib and Crabtree were at the center of the skirmish. I can't react, or they kick me out of the game and I'm the bad guy. Raiders guard Gabe Jackson was also ejected for his role in the fight.

Dead, 150 Injured After Violent Clashes Between Forces And Islamist Protesters
Video from the scene Saturday showed law enforcement forces carrying sticks and firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. The government also shut down Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to block coverage of the operation.

It was the second time in an AFC West game the Raiders lost a key player for involvement in a fight. As he left the field, Harris appeared to point toward the Oakland sideline, motioning as if he had been hit by a Raiders player. In fact, it was an unlikely source who was able to get Talib to calmly exit the gridiron. You won't see football fights that insane very often.