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A workhorse truck and a new supercar are in the works for Tesla, after founder and CEO Elon Musk introduced his company's latest effort to widen the US market for electric vehicles Thursday night. A Carnegie Mellon study estimated the cost of the Semi's battery pack alone to be roughly $200,000, with the typical diesel truck priced at just $120,000, the BBC points out.

Enhanced autopilot will also allow the semi to drive itself on highways.

You can check out the event over on Tesla's website. According to Musk, the truck can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 20 seconds when carrying a full load of 80,000 pounds-the maximum weight allowed on USA roads.

Musk hopes his truck will eventually replace diesel lorries on the road. The truck can be charged via the superchargers within in 30 minutes, which is the time you would need to load and un-load the material.

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The drastic criticism prompted Keurig to issue a statement in which they apologized for "choosing sides" in pulling their ads. Sunday morning, a video of a man tossing his Keurig coffee machine from a second-story balcony made the (g) rounds.

Tesla didn't release exact pricing information but said operating costs-including power, lease payments and insurance would be 20 percent lower for the Semi than a diesel truck.

At the Thursday event at Tesla's facility in Hawthorne, Calif., Musk showed off a futuristic, battery-powered big rig with a surprising 500-mile range. Regulations require commercial trucks to be sidelined if their windshields are cracked in a way that could affect the driver's view.

Tesla this month pushed back its target for volume production on the Model 3 saloon - widely seen as crucial to the company's long-term future - by about three months to fix production bottlenecks. They can also be fully charged overnight. There are a host of touchscreen systems as well on either side of the driver and offer everything from navigation, blind spot monitoring to trip data logging. Fleet operators want reliable trucks, and Tesla will have to prove it can make them, said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst with the auto shopping site Autotrader. There is reinforced windshield glass that shouldn't chip or crack.

In addition, let's not forget Tesla has already teased the Model Y, a smaller crossover slated to be positioned below the Model X. It's due in 2019, though knowing Tesla, we're not so sure it will actually be launched before 2020. The company's latest offering will lock horns with the electric trucks from Daimler while a few other players could crop up by then in this space.