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The incident happened when Honestie Hodges was leaving her Grand Rapids home for a store last Wednesday, according to WOOD-TV.

But the person they cuffed at gunpoint and placed into the back seat of a squad auto was a terrified 11-year-old black girl named Honestie Hodges.

"It made me feel scared and it made me feel like I did something wrong", 11-year-old Honestie told WOOD-TV on Monday. "That's my daughter. Don't cuff her, '" said Whitney Hodges, Honestie's mother.

"I'm speaking this evening because we must fix relationships between our community and the Grand Rapids Police Department, she said".

The department has opened an internal investigation into the matter.

Police said officers were at the home looking for the girl's 40-year-old aunt, Carrie Manning, who was suspected of stabbing a relative nearby, but didn't find her.

'The 11-year-old was handcuffed for a total of 2 minutes while she was brought back into the alley and patted down to make sure that she did not have anything unsafe on her, ' Grand Rapids Police Department spokeswoman Cathy Williams said.

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Police ordered the three females, one by one, to walk backwards toward officers before they were handcuffed. Hodges begins to scream as officers place her in handcuffs, and the cops respond by telling the young girl to stop screaming.

"I didn't know what was going on", she said. "I wanted to be a detective or police officer, but now I don't want anything to do with those kind of things".

Excellent Rapids police confined the Honesti and two other ladies, including the young lady's mom, as they left the house. "You're not going to jail or anything".

Grand Rapids Deputy Chief Eric Payne attended the clergy meeting and said the clergy group has a right to make a requests with the Department of Justice. "We are having these tough conversations - we're being very introspective and we're asking the community to help us get better", said Rahinsky.

Grand Rapids Police Department admits officers cuffed Honestie, despite her mother's protests, along with detaining two women who had exited the house with her.

The girl's mother and the president of the local chapter of the NAACP met Tuesday with Rahinsky, reports say.

Chief David Rahinsky told 24 Hour News that he was sickened by the body camera footage and that it was inappropriate to treat an 11-year-old like an adult. "So, I recognize why the response is what it is but I also see and feel there's a disconnect between us recognizing a unique situation and individuals of ages that need to be treated differently", said Rahinsky.