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We live for surprise celebrity cameos, and Saturday Night Live definitely delivered this weekend.

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returned to "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) last night to trim the Christmas tree of shame with the ornaments of "all the haters and losers [he] destroyed this year".

"I want out", she said back.

First on the tree was former Federal Bureau of Investigation head James Comey, whose face adorned an ornament given to Baldwin's Trump by Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon).

Baldwin's Mr Trump declared he had had an "amazing year in office, the greatest year in the history of America - and maybe the entire planet earth".

"I want ... out", McKinnon replies, before striding off the screen. "And you better throw me into the Christmas tree".

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Next up is White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), who offers not one but two ornaments.

"Hey! Let me in", Jones' Omarosa said from the outside looking in. Scarlett Johansson made a return appearance as Ivanka - minus Jared, who was "packing a go-bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives".

"The one I've brought is that traitorous Mike Flynn", Bennett's Pence says about his ornament, before turning to the camera and continuing with a knowing gleam in his eye. Johansson tartly replies, "He's packing a go bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives".

Leslie Jones playing Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former Apprentice star who recently announced she was leaving the White House in January, then appears, banging on the door, an apparent allusion to reports that she had been fired even though she said she resigned.

The Christmas message also included an appearance from McKinnon's Jeff Sessions, who was dressed as an Elf on the Shelf. "Nobody kicks Omarosa out the White House". "We gotta cut off the head to kill the snake and I should know because I'm a mischievous little mongoose". "Merry Christmas! Everybody is going to get away with everything!"