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The alias behind SWAuTistic finally has a face and name after the Los Angeles Police Department arrested Tyler Raj Barris on Friday December 29th. During the interview, the hoaxer said that he was "minding his own" business before he was contacted by someone complaining that he had a beef with a fellow Call of Duty player. He wrote, "I'm being called a Snitch???? This is a Murder Investigation!" Here are screenshots of the kid tweeting me. I'm exhausted of this shit, he need to be thrown in jail. The perpetrators call the police to report violent crimes at the victim's address, trying to provoke the authorities to deploy a SWAT team to their house. "Ridiculous at this point".

Andrew Finch's aunt Lorrie Hernandez-Caballero told the Eagle she was shocked that a person would make such a prank call. One player then sent over an incorrect address that lead police to Finch's house, though he was not involved in the argument.

A man came to the aid of a toddler not dressed for the cold in Utah, leading to the discovery of a tragic scene.

"When you call for help you're going to get help".

Officer Paul Cruz, a spokesman for the Wichita police, said the two city police departments are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the case, but provided no further details including on possible charges or extradition.

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Police believe the girl's mother died almost 24 hours earlier, but could not confirm any information on the cause or manner of her death. "If the false police call had not been made, we would not have been there". Apparently it "went to a substation first, then it was relayed to dispatch, then dispatch gave it to us", he explained, adding: "We have a lot of information to go through". Finch was unarmed. A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Finch's family during this hard time.

'I DIDNT GET ANYONE KILLED BECAUSE I DIDNT DISCHARGE A WEAPON AND BEING A SWAT MEMBER ISNT MY PROFESSION, ' said one gamer on Twitter, who others said made the swatting call.

It appears that police may have been given a false address by one of the gamers, and Finch lived in the home. The false address was Finch's address.

The hoax call was reportedly sparked by an online argument about a wager in a Call of Duty game.

"Someone tried to swat me and got an innocent man killed."
Swatting has been used as a tactic to harass and intimidate people across the country and is typically done with digital tools that disguise the caller's location. As we know now, the intended victim gave the hoaxer an incorrect address. According to 911.gov, the hoax is common among gamers and hackers with scammer even using software to hide their caller ID from emergency services. The victim of the cop shooting has not yet been identified, but it was confirmed that he died at a local hospital.